Creative mailboxes – and gators – in Sanibel

from the Artsology series The Arts Adventurer

We took a long bike ride on Sanibel Island today, starting near the Sanibel Lighthouse and making our way along the west side. There was plenty to see, but one of the things that caught my attention were all of the creative mailboxes. This one pictured below, with the painted image of flip flops on the beach, was made extra special by the red beaded lizard perched on top ... I saw this one on a stretch of Middle Gulf Road.

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artistic mailbox on Middle Gulf Drive in Sanibel

There must be some sort of unspoken creative competition among the neighbors in this part of Sanibel, as I saw more unusual mailboxes. Here's one (below left) that I saw on West Gulf Road near Rabbit Road ... these don't look like mailboxes that one could get in a store, so it makes me wonder if someone actually painted this one?

This one (below right) is definitely hand-made, with glued-on seashells covering every square inch of the mailbox. I also saw this one on Middle Gulf Road.

creative artistic mailboxes in Sanibel Island

artistic mailbox covered with seashells in Sanibel Island

But listen, if you try to recreate this bike ride for your own adventure, don't spend all of your time looking at mailboxes ... keep an eye out for the alligators, because I saw this guy right down the street from the 2nd mailbox on West Gulf Road, right alongside the bike path in this small body of water.

alligator on West Gulf Road in Sanibel

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