Arts Adventures in Newark

from the Artsology series The Arts Adventurer

Newark is an interesting place to explore: it has a reputation for being a crime-filled city, yet it has areas that are coming around, places of beauty (such as Branch Brook Park), and some fascinating history coming from its heyday in the first half of the twentieth century. Some of the arts adventures have taken place in specific neighborhoods, while at other times it is an adventure that I take with my bicycle, simply heading east into the city with no true destination in mind, just looking for something interesting to see ... and there always is something.

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Pictured below: art deco architectural details on a building in Newark, NJ.

arts adventure destination: Newark, NJ

Below are a selection of my arts adventures in Newark; make sure to check back again, as I'm in still in the process of adding more.

Arts Adventures in Newark, NJ

Sculpture titled Wars of America by Gutzon Borglum in Military Park in Newark

"Wars of America" by Gutzon Borglum, the same sculptor who worked on Mount Rushmore. Read more ...

Arts Adventures in Newark

Roberto Clemente sculpture in Newark

Why is there a Roberto Clemente sculpture in Newark? Read more ...

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