The Arts Adventurer: an introduction and overview

The Arts Adventurer is a special series by Artsology in which we look for art that doesn't come with white walls or an audio guide. There are several aspects to the Arts Adventurer: looking for (and appreciating) non-traditional art; learning to look and find art where you least expect it; and of course a little a bit of adventure for adventure's sake. Sometimes it involves heading out without a specific destination in mind and seeing what one can find of visual interest. We have a lot of new features in the pipeline, so make sure to check back often for new arts adventures!

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The Arts Adventurer Map, showing where we had our arts adventures

As you can see from the map above, we've traveled to a number of places in search of interesting art and adventures. We have some of our arts adventures organized by a specific destination, such as:

The Arts Adventurer in Paris
The Arts Adventurer in Miami and Miami Beach
The Arts Adventurer in Turks & Caicos
The Arts Adventurer in Jersey City
The Arts Adventurer in Jersey City
The Arts Adventurer in New York City

More specific destinations coming soon, including: San Francisco, St. John (U.S. Virgin Islands), Santa Fe, Minneapolis, and much more!

As we work to assemble our multiple adventures in those cities, you can also view our individual arts adventures as displayed below:

A Visit to Lincoln, IA, Part 1

view of Main Street in Lincoln, Iowa

Part 1 of a visit to Lincoln, Iowa, finding an empty Main Street. Read more ➤

Art Display at Maplewood Cleaners

art display in the window of a dry cleaner in Maplewood, NJ

The Arts Adventurer finds art on display at the dry cleaners shop in Maplewood, NJ. See more ➤

War Memorial in Belleville, NJ

Javid Zarabi War Memorial Sculpture in Belleville, NJ

The Arts Adventurer finds a war memorial in Belleville, NJ. See more ➤

Monet-like inspiration in Bloomfield

Monet-like inspiration in Bloomfield, NJ

The Arts Adventurer happens upon a hidden Monet-like oasis in Bloomfield, NJ. See more ➤

The Arts Adventurer in New Orleans

Louis Armstrong sculpture in New Orleans airport

The Arts Adventurer takes a long weekend to enjoy the art, music - and food - of New Orleans. See more ➤

Jack Kerouac and San Francisco

Jack Kerouac alley in San Francisco

Following in the footsteps of Jack Kerouac while in San Francisco. Read more ...

Jack Kerouac in San Francisco, Part 2

Vesuvio Cafe in San Francisco where Kerouac used to hang out

Paying a visit to Vesuvio, where Jack Kerouac liked to go while in San Francisco. Read more ...

Living across the street from a Frank Lloyd Wright house

exterior view of Stuart Richardson house in Glen Ridge, designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright

A look at a residential home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Read more ...

The Search for Paititi

Josh Gates and Expedition Unknown for the Travel Channel

Following an adventurous search for the lost city of gold: Paititi. Read more ...

Expedition Paititi

satellite search for a square mountain in Peru, site of Paititi

Doing my own satellite search for the "square mountain" clue as provided by treasure hunter Thierry Jamin. See more here ...

Graffiti and Street Art in Haight Ashbury

Graffiti in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco

Walking around and seeing graffiti and street art in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco. See more here ...

"Girl Noticed" Mural

Girl Noticed mural by Lori Pratico

Seeing and learning about the "Girl Noticed" mural by artist Lori Pratico as seen in Montclair, NJ. See more here ...

Arts Adventures in Ithaca

detail of Broken Glass Bob's stained glass at La Tourelle in Ithaca

The legend of Broken Glass Bob and the stained glass ceiling at La Tourelle Inn in Ithaca. Read more ...

Arts Adventures in Bridgeport, CT

the building where Corbit's Studio and Camera Shop used to exist in Bridgeport

Finding the old Corbit's Studio and graffiti murals in downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut. Read more ...

Windows 10 Screenshot Adventures

a dramatic frozen lighthouse from Windows 10 screenshots

Windows 10 Screenshots are giving me ideas for adventures ... this looks like a pretty dramatic place to visit. Read more ...

9-11 Memorial in Belleville

Finding a 9-11 Memorial in Belleville, NJ

A 9-11 Memorial found in Belleville, NJ. Read more ...

Adventures found through Windows Screenshots

Ronda, a cliff-edge city in Spain

A city on the edge of a cliff ... Windows 10 Screenshots have me ready to go! Read more ...

Lombard Street in San Francisco

A view of Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world

Memories of Lombard Street in a movie watched as a kid brings me to see the location as an adult. Read more ...

Adventures to Read

Pirate Hunters, a nonfiction book by Robert Kurson

Real life adventure that reads like fiction: scuba diving, pirate ships, the Mafia, the Vietnam War, and even a gun fight while on a motorcycle. Read more ...

Arts Adventures in Newport News

The shipyard in Newport News, Virginia

Exploring the shipyards in Newport News, Virginia. Read more ...

Arts Adventures in Sandbridge, VA

sailor lawn ornaments in Sandbridge beach town in Virginia

Checking out all of the front yard sculptures - and a geo dome - in Sandbridge, Virginia. Read more ...

Arts Adventures in Sanibel

artistic mailbox on Middle Gulf Drive in Sanibel

There's a lot of creative mailboxes in Sanibel, but watch out for the gators! Read more ...

On the beach, Sanibel Island

pufferfish seen on Sanibel Island

A look at things found on the beach on Sanibel Island. Read more ...

Adventures in Film

Bill Murray as Steve Zissou based on Jacques Cousteau

Steve Zissou as a fictional version of Jacques Cousteau, and their adventures underwater. Read more ...

Cinematography and the Eagle Huntress

about the cinematography on The Eagle Huntress

A look at some of the cinematography techniques used in The Eagle Huntress movie. Read more ...

The eye-catching Sportsman Flyer

Orange Sportsman Flyer at Electric Spokes Verona

Driving by and seeing this orange Sportsman Flyer in the window, I had to stop and learn more. Read more ...

The Maiden Voyage of the Arts Adventurer

weird sculpture of a man-sized mouse with a mustache wearing human clothes, on Sculptors Way in Hamilton NJ

The story begins with this initial arts adventure in May of 2012. Read more ...

The Maiden Voyage, Grounds for Sculpture, Chapter 2

Gustave Caillebotte Paris Street Rainy Day reimagined as sculpture by J. Seward Johnson

Arriving at Grounds for Sculpture and seeing 19th Century art masterpieces transformed into 3-D sculptures. Read more ...

The Maiden Voyage, Grounds for Sculpture, Chapter 3

large scale sculptures at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ

Exploring the grounds and gardens at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. Read more ...

The Maiden Voyage, Grounds for Sculpture, Chapter 4

graffiti drawing of an eye by Alise at Grounds for Sculpture

Finding a tower filled with graffiti drawings in the otherwise immaculate setting of Grounds for Sculpture. Read more ...

Poking around the storage area at Grounds for Sculpture, Chapter 5

view of a sculpture storage area at Grounds for Sculpture

Finding a open storage area - not likely intended for visitors to see - at the Grounds for Sculpture. Read more ...

Sculpture Purgatory at Grounds for Sculpture, Chapter 6

view of a sculpture storage area in disarray at Grounds for Sculpture

Looking through tinted windows, I see what seems like a sculpture purgatory. Read more ...

Grounded Fat Robin

a really fat robin bird under my car

Have you ever seen a robin this fat? The odd bird inspired a little research. Read more ...

The Supermoon of 2016

close-up photo of the 2016 Supermoon as seen in NJ

Photographs and a diagram explaining the Supermoon of 2016. See more ...

Inspiration for the Arts Adventurer

just say no to audio guides when visiting an art museum

Some initial thoughts on the "why" we made the Arts Adventurer. Read more ...

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