Arts Games for Kids

Page 2 of our collection of arts games for kids of all ages! They are spread out over 8 pages, so make sure to check out all of our cool games online!

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The Shapeshifter Art Game

Shapeshifter Art Game

Create unique designs and see the shapes shift as you add more - experiment and create!

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Create drip art in this interactive art game for kids

Drip Art Game

Create interactive art by dripping virtual paint on the screen! (desktop or laptop only)

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an arts games for kids where you need to match graffiti pieces in this memory game

Graffiti Memory Game

Match up the details of graffiti art in this memory game!

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Bugeyes Abstraction Game, arts game for kids

Bugeyes Abstraction Game

Make abstract art with bugeyes, endless fun variations are possible!

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Online Picasso Hangman arts game for kids

Picasso Hangman Game

Picasso Hangman game with his paintings as clues.

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play the Salvador Dali Elimination Game

Dali Elimination Game

Match Dali paintings to clear the board (Requires desktop monitor to play).

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arts game for kids identify the artist who painted each canoe

Art Canoe Game

Can you identify which artist painted each of these art canoes?

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arts game for kids where you need to find 5 things wrong in a Vermeer painting

What's wrong, Vermeer?

Can you find 5 things wrong with our altered Vermeer painting?

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arts game for kids where you need to find the hidden star within this puzzle of shapes

Hidden Star Puzzle

Can you find the 5-pointed star within this box of shapes?

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how many animals can you find in this portrait inspired by Arcimboldo?

Animal Face Game

Can you find all 28 animals hidden within this surrealist portrait?

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Play the Graffiti Game, where you tag walls in New York City

Graffiti Artist: New York

Avoid detection and write graffiti in NYC - 5 levels!

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Interactive puzzles featuring paintings by Joan Miro

Joan Miro Puzzle Collection

Race the clock to solve 5 different puzzles featuring Joan Miro and his paintings.

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De Stijl 4 in a Row Game, an arts games for kids

De Stijl 4-in-a-row Game

Place 4 color pieces in a row to win, featuring Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld.

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Impressionist Artists Name Guess Game

Impressionists Name Game

See if you can guess the name of Impressionists painters based on their art!

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arts game for kids where you can ask Salvador Dali a question

Ask Salvador Dali

Ask Salvador Dali a question and see what he says in response.

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