Arts Adventures in New York City

from the Artsology series The Arts Adventurer

Sometimes New York City feels like the easiest place to find an arts adventure ... simply walking down any street in any of the five boroughs will reveal something interesting.

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Pictured below: a mural painted on a metal security gate downtown on the Bowery.

arts adventures in New York City

Below are a selection of my arts adventures in New York City; make sure to check back again, as I'm in still in the process of adding more - and there's a lot more to add, as NYC is probably my top location for arts adventures.

Street art and graffiti-covered doors in Brooklyn

Jeansicle by artist Adam Kiyoshi Fujita on a door on Troutman Street in Bushwick

A survey of street art and graffiti-covered doors as seen in East Williamsburg and Bushwick in Brooklyn. See more ...

Serge Miquel making art on the street corner

artist Serge Miquel making art on the streets of NYC

As I was walking up 10th Avenue in Chelsea, I noticed this guy set up making art on the corner of 23rd Street. Read more ...

Mysterious Rooftop Figures

mysterious brown figurative sculptures on a rooftop on East 80th Street in NYC

I spotted these mysterious sculptures on top of a building on East 80th Street while walking in the Upper East Side. Read more ...

Architectural Adventures in New York City

56 Leonard Street condo building promo shot

A look at the "Jenga tower," properly known as 56 Leonard in Tribeca. Read more ...

Arts Adventures via Street Photography

the artistry of store window displays on Madison Avenue in NYC

A look at the creativity and artistry of store window displays on Madison Avenue. See more ...

Donald Trump street art in New York City

Donald Trump street art damaged

A look at a trio of Donald Trump street art portraits both before and after the 2016 Presidential election. See more ...

Ambiguous spatial perceptions at a construction site

watching the construction site at Manhattan West and seeing ambiguous spatial perceptions

A look at the construction site for the Manhattan West project. See more ...