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"Music isn't just learning notes and playing them, you learn notes to play to the music of your soul." - Katie Greenwood

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The Musical Instruments Game

Try to guess the instrument correctly and advance to the next set!            

Which of these is a drum?


Which of these is a guitar?


Which of these is a harp?


Which of these is a trumpet?


Which of these is a timpani?


Which of these is a saxophone?


Did you know?

Bass: The bass is the largest member of the violin family of instruments, and plays the lowest-sounding range of sounds.

Drum: A drum is usually consisting of a hollow cylinder with a thin layer of animal skin or plastic stretched over one or both ends. When the end is hit with a stick or with the hands, it creates the sound.

Flute: A flute is a long, hollow cylinder with numerous holes. The sound is created when one blows air into a hole at the end, and different sounds can be made by covering some of the holes with your fingers.

Gong: A gong is a metallic disk that makes a deep ringing sound when struck.

Guitar: A stringed instrument with a flat body, a long neck, and usually six strings that are plucked or strummed with the fingers or with a pick.

Harmonica: A harmonica is held in the hands and makes sounds by metal reeds inside which vibrate when air is blown or drawn past them.

Harp: A harp has strings stretched across a large open triangular frame and that is plucked with the fingers.

French Horn: The French Horn is a circular brass instrument with a large opening at one end and a mouthpiece shaped like a small funnel.

Kazoo: A toy musical instrument which creates a buzzing tone when one hums into the mouth hole.

Piano: A piano is built with a frame that holds steel wire strings that make sounds when struck by felt-covered hammers which are operated from the keyboard.

Saxophone: An instrument consisting of a usually curved metal tube with finger keys and a wood reed mouthpiece, named for Antoine "Adolph" Sax (1814-1894), a Belgian maker of musical instruments.

Sitar: A stringed instrument of India made of seasoned gourds and wood.

Tambourine: A shallow drum with one head and loose metal disks on the sides that is played by shaking or striking with the hand.

Timpani: While the picture above only shows one drum, the word "timpani" refers to 2 or more "kettle" drums which consist of a hollow brass, copper, or fiberglass hemisphere with a calfskin or plastic head whose tension can be changed to vary the sounds.

Triangle: An instrument made of a steel rod bent into a triangle open at one corner which is played by striking with a metal rod.

Trumpet: An instrument consisting of a long cylindrical metal tube commonly once or twice curved and ending in a bell.

Violin: A stringed instrument with four strings that is usually held against the shoulder under the chin and played with a bow.

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