The Kandinsky Stay-Away Game

Use the arrow keys to navigate your yellow bug through the Kandinsky painting and avoid the swirling pieces. If you last 30 seconds avoiding contact, you advance to the next level - five levels in all. Scroll down below the game for more information on Wassily Kandinsky and his painting "Sky Blue."

Flash Game: please note, this game is run with Flash technology and works best on a desktop computer browser that supports Flash. If you are viewing this page on a mobile device, the Kandinsky Stay-Away Game will appear blank.

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Photographic portrait of the artist Wassily Kandinsky and his painting Sky Blue

Wassily Kandinsky, shown above left, was a Russian painter and art theorist. He was born in Moscow, but spent most of his childhood in Odessa. He studied law and economics at the University of Moscow and didn't begin painting until he was 30 years old. He taught at the Bauhaus school of art and architecture from 1922 until the Nazis closed it in 1933. He then moved to France where he lived for the rest of his life, becoming a French citizen in 1939 and producing some of his best known paintings, including "Sky Blue," picture above right.