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art history hangman game featuring modern art from the Pompidou in Paris

Modern Art Hangman

Art history hangman game featuring modern art from the Pompidou in Paris.

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jazz game to identify which wacky jazz musician nickname is fake

More Jazz Nicknames

Round 2 of the Jazz Musician Nickname game.

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Play the Name the Sculptor arts game

Name the Sculptor Game

Try to guess the name of the artist for each sculpture shown.

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Jackson Pollock Paint Can Toss Game, an arts game for kids

Pollock Paint Can Toss Game

How far can you catapault Pollock's can of paint?

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Play Poker Dog vs Balloon Dog in Tic Tac Toe

Dog Art Tic Tac Toe

Balloon Dog vs. Poker Dog in a game of Tic Tac Toe.

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Monet's frog, an art games for kids, hop around on Monet's waterlillies

Monet's Frog Game

Play Monet's Frog, navigate the lily pads and advance to the next level!

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Play the story game Project M.A.R.V., Missing Artist Russell Vapors

Missing Artist, Episode 1

Search for Missing Artist Russell Vapors, a story game ...

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Can you match the style of painting on the Halloween pumpkin to the artist who made it?

Art Pumpkin Match Game

Can you match the painted pumpkin to the correct artist?

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Clear the board of artist portraits by matching the balls up

Artists Roundtable Game

Direct the artist portrait ball towards matching balls to clear the board.

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Interactive puzzles featuring paintings by Joan Miro

Joan Miro Puzzle Collection

Race the clock to solve 5 different puzzles featuring Joan Miro and his paintings.

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What is wrong with this Edward Hopper painting?

What's wrong here?

See if you can figure out what 5 things don't belong in this Edward Hopper painting.

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