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Graffiti in the NYC Chelsea art gallery district

Most of you have seen graffiti at some point: on the side of buildings, on the side of a truck, near the train tracks, etc. It's usually a bunch of scrawling letters and symbols, not unlike the image at right. The act of creating graffiti on public property or on someone else's private property is illegal and is considered vandalism. Some people appreciate artistic elements of graffiti while others simply consider it unsightly vandalism.

There are many different types of graffiti, from simple words telling a message, to "tags" that are decorative signatures of the graffiti artist. However, on a recent visit to the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City, where Artsology was going to visit a number of art galleries, we found the graffiti in this art district to be of a much more sophisticated style, more elements of actual art. One might assume that the graffiti has been done here by artists who wish they could show their work inside of the galleries. Or perhaps they have placed their art here as graffiti because they know an art-appreciating audience is walking these streets every day. At any rate, Artsology photographed the various graffiti (or "street art") and is presenting a gallery of what we saw that day.

A gallery of street art and graffiti as found in New York City, December 2008    
typical graffiti
An example of typical graffiti that one might find just about anywhere.
street art and graffiti in New York CityPacman street art in New York City
Most of these works were created on paper and then wheat-pasted onto the wall, rather than making the art on the actual wall. Do you think someone brought a ladder here in the middle of the night to get that Pacman character up so high on the wall?

graffiti based on the Robert Indiana Love paintingWhere is my bailout graffiti in New York City

Archie Bunker graffiti in Chelsea in New York

graffiti near art galleries in New York City
graffiti in Chelsea gallery district in New Yorkgraffiti near art galleries in New York City
graffiti in Chelsea gallery district in New YorkNew York graffiti near art galleries
graffiti in Chelsea gallery district in New YorkNew York graffiti near art galleries
Kermit the Frog graffiti in New YorkStatue of Liberty graffiti near art galleries in Chelsea
graffiti in Chelsea gallery district in New YorkStatue of Liberty with ice cream cone graffiti near art galleries
graffiti in New YorkMacDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken graffiti near art galleries in Chelsea
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