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Artsology's unique art games for kids involve major figures in the arts, such as visual art, music, literature and dance. These free online arts games allow kids to have fun and get a dose of the arts at the same time!


Print out, cut, fold and tape (or paste) up your own Vincent Van Gogh paper toy!
This print-and-play board game allows two players to race each other to the end of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty and back (with a few shortcuts for those lucky enough to land in the right place).
The Stymphalian Bird Game - fly your way through ancient Greece with this mythological bird from the tales of Hercules.
Can you find five things that are different between these two views of street art found in Paris?
Play the Salvador Dali Hangman game and try to guess the keyword relating to his surrealist paintings!
Using real images of graffiti from the former 5 Pointz graffiti mecca, play the Graffiti Battle Game and go for the high score!
Practice your mini-golf putting with Surrealist artist Rene Magritte and his red apple golf balls!
Check out our new Keith Haring Pinball Game! (works best in Firefox or Chrome)
Can you find your way through the Salvador Dali Maze?
Move around inside Kandinsky's painting Sky Blue and avoid the swirling parts of the painting. If you last 30 seconds without contact, you advance to the next level.
How well do you know the art of Henri Matisse? He'd like to challenge you to a game of Hangman to find out!
Are you ready for the surreal challenges of the Salvador Dali Elimination Game? See if you can clear the board and get the high score!
Can you stop the parade of terrifying creatures created by Hieronymous Bosch? Or will they overwhelm you? Play the Bosch Invaders Game to find out!
You're a frog hopping around the French painter Claude Monet's waterlilies ... can you clear all of the lily pads and advance to the next level? 24 levels of hopping!
You've got to beat the Op-Artists at their own game - move their painted blocks around to clear the canvas while they paint even more to fill it up!
Enter the world of moving polka dots with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama ... travel through the world and try to avoid colliding with the moving dots.
How well do you know Picasso and his work? Play the Picasso Hangman game and match wits with the master.
Using images of graffiti and street art in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris, play our Graffiti Art Match Game.
The Abstract Expressionists are in battle, use your De Kooning to stop the Gustons and keep Rothko- and Pollock-land safe!
The Surrealist Frogger game finds our friendly frog having to dodge Salvador Dali's melting clocks, monsters by Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain," and jump on Magritte's Apple Man, and much, much more!
How well do you know your modern artists? Can you identify which artist made these art works from the permanent collection of the Pompidou in Paris?
Try Version 3 of our popular Sand Painting game, with new elements including seeds that can be planted and grow in random ways - check it out!
Study the original picture of the Gallery of Kings on the facade of Notre Dame in Paris and then try to find 5 things wrong with the 2nd picture.
Three titans of art history: Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh put their heads together in this game!
Can you tell the difference between art and everyday objects? Check out these pairs of images and figure out which one is art.
Play the Sand Painting game: choose your elements to intercept the falling sand and create your own unique sand image.
Who is going to be the top modern artist - Picasso or Matisse? Play this game where Picasso and Matisse match wits to try to come out on top!
Use your mouse to play this interactive kinetic art game - click within the moving screen and drag around to get different results.
Some maniac has broken into the museum storage area and is throwing Ming Vases around - get there and catch the vases and save them from destruction!
Click and move the pieces around to reassemble Picasso's 1937 masterpiece "Guernica."
Can you pick out the real Warhols from the fake Warhols? Choose carefully and get the high score!
You need to stop the pigeons before they let fly with pigeon droppings on the Giacometti sculptures in the sculpture garden. But don't hurt the innocent robins!
Find matching colors that form rectangles within the grid of a Mondrian painting and click on them to score points ... it's a race against time to score the most points!
Use our Geometric Art Maker to create abstract geometric paintings ... just click and drag your mouse to create abstract art.
Try Version 2 of our popular Sand Painting game, a never-ending game that never plays the same way twice!
Use a catapult and see how far you can hurl a paint can through a Jackson Pollock landscape.
A printable maze game where you need to help Edvard Munch's Screamer get off the bridge.
Find the last names of some of the greatest jazz saxophone players of all time in this name-find game.
Move your mouse over Mondrian's red, blue and yellow blocks, breaking it down, putting it back together, or making abstract patterns of your own.
Move your mouse over the blue field to create abstract drawings - experiment with how you move the mouse to get different effects.
Inspired by the photograph "Pepper #30" by Edward Weston, Artsology has photographed a pepper from our garden and created this match-the-pepper game!
In this version of the Huckleberry Finn story, you must pilot Huck down the river in a kayak - see how far you can go to get the highest score!
Here's our 2nd batch of episodes for Project M.A.R.V. Take on the role of the detective investigating the case of missing artist Russell Vapors. Can you find him?
Episode 7
Take on the role of the detective investigating the case of Project M.A.R.V., missing artist Russell Vapors. Can you find him?
Episode 1      Episode 2       Episode 3       Episode 4       Episode 5       Episode 6
Play the Pablo Picasso Blocks Game ... find groups of matching paintings and click to clear off the board, see if you can get them all!
Vincent Van Gogh has been out painting in the fields when a hail storm suddenly rolls in ... help him catch the hail stones before they pound on his painted canvases!
How many bounces can you control to keep the Cubist Ball in the air? Play the Bouncing Cubist Ball Game!
How well do you know the artists who painted some of the world's greatest masterpieces? Play this game and test your knowledge of art history.
Can you find the hidden 5 point star in this illustration? It's an optical illusion - it's there, but it's quite hard to find.
Navigate a ball through the mysterious worlds of Joan Miro, featuring his famous paintings. See if you can make it through all 9 levels.
Use our online Etch A Sketch to draw whatever you want!
Is that an elephant on your forehead? Check out this Arcimboldo-inspired portrait and see if you can find all 28 animals.
How well can you identify modern art sculpture? Look at these pictures and see if you can name the sculptors who made them.
Can you find 5 things that are different in this segment of Andy Warhol's Cow Wallpaper? Click on the spots that you think don't match the other cows and see if you can win the game.
Can you identify each artist in the Art Recognition Game (advanced version)? A knowledge of art from the past 30 years will be necessary for this one.
Can you find Edvard Munch's Scream character in this scene of destruction?
We've brought Henri Matisse's goldfish painting to life! Click in the fish bowl to feed the fish and watch them swim around.
Somehow a bull has got loose in a museum and is running through the ever-narrowing halls ... guide the bull to avoid the paintings on the walls as long as you can!
We have 200 paintings, and only 1 is NOT by Picasso - can you find it? Also, try to locate the 8 Picasso self-portraits!
The Picasso Cubist Jump game forces you to navigate Picasso's head through oncoming obstacles within a cubist landscape.
Look at a painting by Henri Matisse and see if you can find 5 things that are different from the original.
Look at a painting by Jacob Lawrence and see if you can find 5 things that are different from the original.
Some jokers are throwing water balloons at a concert in Carnegie Hall - shoot down the balloons before they disrupt the performance!!
Play the classic "memory game" and match up the various African masks!
What's wrong with this famous painting by Andrew Wyeth?
Guide the ball through Mondrian's painting Boogie Woogie without falling off the edge of the path!
Are you fast enough to catch Pablo Picasso zipping through an array of his cubist paintings? Get ready - the game starts as soon as you click here!
What's wrong with this painting by Manet? Can you find the six things that shouldn't be here?
Press the button to start the African masks spinning, and see if you can get a match to win!
Do you know your Classical Composers? Get a hint or two and place your best bet in this game! While you're at it, click to play a little classical music while you're playing the game!
Kandinsky's Kaleidoscope - use the controls to create your own abstract modern art!
A second round of testing your knowledge of unusual jazz musician nicknames ... can you determine who is real and who is not?
Move the Picasso head around the screen to create dazzling patterns of color!
You've been commissioned to commit a crime ... the Art Thief must use some intuition to know how to succeed, or go straight to jail!
Art is different throughout the world - can you identify the countries where these art styles were created?
Can you identify the unique style of famous artists? Look at these paintings and see if you can guess which artist made them.
Take a "spin" through art history and see if you can match artistic styles to gain points - and lose a point every time there's no match. How many points can you score?
How well do you know the faces of famous artists, writers, musicians, dancers, etc.? Try to guess the identities of these people.
Edvard Munch's famous painting "The Scream" shows a man on a bridge ... but we want to know what you think he's screaming about?
What's wrong with this painting by Johannes Vermeer? Can you find the answers?
There's a Hot Air Balloon Festival, with balloons decorated by artists. Can you guess who made which balloon?
The eccentric, master of the unexpected, Surrealist painter Salvador Dali is here to answer your questions!
Give this famous couple a chance to express their thoughts - go ahead, put the words in their mouths.
See what our viewers think Grant Wood's subjects are saying!
Can you identify the artists, musicians and writers in the Pumpkin Parade game?
You've all probably heard of the art style called "Impressionism." How well do you know the other "isms" of art history?
The painter Hieronymus Bosch has created an imaginary underworld, can you find your way out?
We have some lineups of jazz musicians with interesting nicknames - except one of each group is an imposter ... can you pick him out?
Frank Lloyd Wright designed an amazing house, and then realized he had a big problem ...
Gauguin and Van Gogh have decided to try to live together, see how long it lasts with the Roommate Game!
Those white collars aren't just for wearing - play the Frans Hals collar toss game!
Van Gogh wasn't always an artist ... can you guess the other jobs that he held before becoming a full-time painter?
Blindness didn't stop this man from becoming one of the 20th Century's greatest composers ... and it's not going to stop him playing golf, either!
Look out! You've got to protect your valuable Rothko painting from a swarm of moths!!
New! Send our free e-postcards to your friends and family!
It's a duel between two heavyweights in the history of architecture: Louis Sullivan vs. Frank Lloyd Wright!
You might know these famous last names, but do you know their first names? Take the test!
Please help J.S. Bach - he just wants to play his piano, but his wife has other plans ...
Don't get egg yolk on your valuable Picasso painting! To play this game, you need to be an "artful dodger."
Try to guess the instrument name from the scrambled letters.
Guess That Phrase, a word puzzle that will have you challenged!
Try to guess the names of famous composers!
Try to unscramble the names of famous musicians!
Initial results are in - what the viewers think the Thinker thought!
Rodin's "Thinker" has been sitting and thinking for a long time - help him express his thoughts.
Two famous artists, Picasso and Braque, go head-to-head in this Cubism Challenge!
It's summer, and you're at camp, and ... who painted that canoe??? Guess the artist behind each creation.
Super challenging word find game, featuring artists, musicians, writers, instruments, and dancers!
Hangman - the classic game with figures from the arts.
The Distracted Writer Game - help the novelist get some peace and quiet so he or she can finish writing the novel!
The famous Mona Lisa has agreed to answer your questions - go ahead and talk to her!
Famous sculptures have been hidden ... use your spotlight to find them.
Find the famous authors' names in this classic word-find game.
Mozart is trying to play some music when he suddenly has a problem - help finish the story.
Help the painter Mondrian arrange the colorful blocks on his canvas before he gets overwhelmed!
The classic Memory Game where you flip pairs of cards in search of a match.

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