Arts Games for Kids

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Check out our collection of arts games for kids of all ages!

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Play the Sand Painting Game, also known as Falling Sand

Sand Painting Game

A dynamic, evolving game with falling sand and other elements which you control.

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art games for kids to name the historical figure in the painting

History Match Game

Can you identify the famous historical figure in each portrait painted by these artists?

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art games for kids, finding all the animals within this portrait by Arcimboldo

Arcimboldo Fish Face

Guiseppe Arcimbolo has painted a portrait filled with sea animals - find them all!

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play the interactive art game Geometric Art Maker

Geometric Art Maker

Play our interactive art game which allows you to create geometric art.

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play online arts game where Magritte is putting in mini golf using an apple

Magritte Mini Golf

Practice mini golf putting with Surrealist artist Rene Magritte and his red apples.

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arts game for kids identify the artist who painted each canoe

Art Canoe Game

Can you identify which artist painted each of these art canoes?

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The Abstract Expressionist Battleground Game

Abstract Expressionist
Battleground Game

Shoot down the Guston heads before they destroy your Pollock!

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arts game for kids where you can ask Salvador Dali a question

Ask Salvador Dali

Ask Salvador Dali a question and see what he says in response.

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how many animals can you find in this portrait inspired by Arcimboldo?

Animal Face Game

Can you find all 28 animals hidden within this surrealist portrait?

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