Arts Games for Kids

Check out our collection of arts games for kids of all ages! There are now a total of 60 games spread out over 4 pages, so make sure to check them all out!

Please note: games with the red "f" Flash logo indicates the game works best on a desktop computer with a browser that supports Flash technology.

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Play the Sand Painting Game, also known as Falling Sand

Sand Painting Game

A dynamic, evolving game with falling sand and other elements which you control.

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Play version 2 of the Sand Painting Game

Sandpainting Game v2

Version 2 of the Sandpainting Game featuring animated zombies!

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Play the Hieronymus Bosch Invaders game

Hieronymus Bosch Invaders

You must stop the attack of Hieronymus Bosch monster invaders!

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Play the Picasso Portraits Pop Game

Picasso Portraits Pop Game

Match up Picasso faces to clear the board (works best on desktop).

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Play the Graffiti Game, where you tag walls in New York City

Graffiti Artist: New York

Avoid detection and write graffiti in NYC - 5 levels!

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Play Poker Dog vs Balloon Dog in Tic Tac Toe

Dog Art Tic Tac Toe

Balloon Dog vs. Poker Dog in a game of Tic Tac Toe.

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can you ID famous paintings with the subject airbrushed out?

Who Painted That?

Can you ID which artist painted each altered famous painting?

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Jackson Pollock Paint Can Toss Game, an arts game for kids

Pollock Paint Can Toss Game

How far can you catapault Pollock's can of paint?

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arts game for kids: Edward Hopper Puzzle

Edward Hopper Puzzle

Scramble and then piece back together a painting by Edward Hopper.

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Play the Matisse Hangman Game

Matisse Hangman

Henri Matisse challenges you to a game of hangman featuring his art.

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The classic Frogger game, but updated with Surrealist art

Surrealist Frogger

Surrealist Frogger, the classic arcade game but with Surrealist art!

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Play the Salvador Dali Hangman arts game

Salvador Dali Hangman

Try to guess the word describing the Salvador Dali painting.

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Monet's frog, an art games for kids, hop around on Monet's waterlillies

Monet's Frog Game

Play Monet's Frog, navigate the lily pads and advance to the next level!

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art games for kids to name the historical figure in the painting

History Match Game

Can you identify the famous historical figure in each portrait painted by these artists?

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art games for kids, finding all the animals within this portrait by Arcimboldo

Arcimboldo Fish Face

Guiseppe Arcimbolo has painted a portrait filled with sea animals - find them all!

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