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The Artsology Coloring Book

Scroll down to see the full selection of images in the free online coloring book. You can click on the picture to get a full screen image, which you can then print out and color! Choose from images of African Masks, line drawings of sculptures, and famous works of modern art by masters such as Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, and more!        
Cat-like motif from a Paracas textile

Based on a decorated Aztec tool

Based on a Bakwele Mask from Congo

Based on a figure in "The Garden of Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch, c. 1500

Based on a Stuart Davis painting from 1954

Based on elements from a 1928 painting by Joan Miro

Based on stained glass art by Philip Webb, c. 1859

Based on a 1925 painting by Georgia O

Based on a Matisse painting of apples on a table, from 1916

Based on a Toma Mask from Guinea

Based on a Bateke Mask from the Congo

Based on a Bakota Funerary Figure from Gabon

Based on a 1917 painting by Carlo Carra

Based on an element from a 1919 De Chirico painting.

Based on Andy Warhol

Based on a 1985 painting by Francis Bacon.

Based on a wood sculpture by Jean Arp from 1920.

Based on <i>Woman with a veil</i>, 1927, by Henri Matisse.

Based on <i>The Scream</i>, 1893, by Edvard Munch

Based on 1920 watercolor by George Grosz

Based on 1931 sculpture by Constantin Brancusi

Based on 1917 painting by Egon Schiele

Based on Matisse "The Clown," 1947

Based on a 1922 painting detail by Paul Klee

Based on stain glass by Antoni Gaudi

Based on a Marc Chagall painting, 1911

Based on Picasso etching of a bull, 1947

Based on a Chancay textile doll

Based on Mayan hieroglyphs

Based on a Zapotec headdress

Based on 1907 sculpture by Andre Derain

Based on a sculpture by Jacques Lipchitz

Based on 1945 painting by Milton Avery.

Based on 1946 painting by Adolph Gottlieb.

Floorplan of Roman Basilica, c. 333 AD

Based on animal in Bayeux Tapestry

Lion motif by Yoruba artist Asiru Olatunde

Chimu sculpture of a bird

Based on a Nazca drawing of a fox

"Sea Mask," based on an Eskimo Shamen mask representing a sea mammal, late 1800

"Winged Ibex" (a mythological goat), based on a Persian sculpture, 400 B.C.

Figures based on a New Guinea bark-cloth drawing.

"Flying Horse," based on Chinese sculpture from the 2nd Century.

"Owl," based on a 1893 drawing by artist Aubrey Beardsley.

"Dance," based on a painting from 1909 by Henri Matisse.

"Tiger," based on a 1982 drawing by artist Jean Michel Basquiat.

"Park Landscape," based on a 1938 painting by artist Paul Klee.

"Portrait," based on a 1929 drawing by the artist Wassily Kandinsky

"Shapes," based on a 1962 drawing by artist Joseph Beuys.

"Head of A Woman," based on a 1951 sculpture by artist Pablo Picasso.

"Brother and Sister," based on a 1930 painting by artist Paul Klee.

"Standing Figure," based on a 1961 drawing by the artist Joseph Beuys.

"Head of A Woman," based on a 1962 sculpture by the artist Pablo Picasso.

"Alphabet," based on a 1918 painting by the artist Paul Klee.

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