My poster post leads to Poster House – a new museum

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Sorry about that blog post title … I couldn’t resist a tongue twister. Here’s what it means: the other day, I posted something to the blog about seeing an art exhibition poster in Minneapolis which paid homage to the series of art posters for the 1985 exhibition of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s collaborative paintings. […]

Current day homage to 1985 Warhol and Basquiat Boxing Poster

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On my recent trip to Minnesota, I took a few hours on Tuesday morning to wander around the arts district in NE Minneapolis. One of the buildings that I explored was the Northrup King Building, which is home to over 200 creative tenants, including art studios for over 190 artists, as well as spaces for […]

Short film about Jean-Michel Basquiat and visual sampling

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I found an interesting short film about Jean-Michel Basquiat that was produced as a promotional piece for the record-breaking auction sale that took place last night. The film was made by Tamra Davis, who reflects on her friendship with Basquiat, and it includes parts of several interviews made by her over the years in which […]

Hey, there’s cows being herded in that Basquiat painting!

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I saw this painting titled “LNAPRK,” 1982, by Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Whitney Museum’s exhibition “Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s,” hanging on top of a reproduction of a Keith Haring mural. When I looked closer, I saw something I hadn’t noticed before: a collage element featuring a photograph of a cowboy on his horse, […]

Were the kids looking at Basquiat for their chalk drawings?

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I walked by this chalk drawing mural on a brick wall at a school in Boulder, Colorado, and the first thought I had was: were these kids looking at Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work as inspiration for their figure drawings? Scroll down to see some original Basquiats to better understand the visual association I was making … […]

Art from the 1980s at the Whitney

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I’m looking forward to seeing a new exhibition that just opened at the Whitney Museum of American Art: “Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s.” It features a number of my favorite artists from that period, including Julian Schnabel (below left, “Hope,” 1982), Jean-Michel Basquiat (below right, “LNAPRK,” 1982), as well as David Salle, Ross Bleckner, […]