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Are Internet Memes Art?

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

PBS has a new video channel called the “Idea Channel,” and in their current episode, they discuss the idea of whether we should consider internet memes and “LOL Cats” as art? My first reaction was “of course not,” but when they point out that “people are creating images and sharing them with strangers for the purpose of communicating their personal experiences” – well, I guess that does sound like art to me.

Then let’s take it one step further – they compare the creation of internet memes, where one might utilize popular culture, celebrities, the media, etc., with what Andy Warhol was doing. And when I see the two images below, an anonymously-made internet meme, below left, alongside Andy Warhol’s portrait of Muhammad Ali, below right, then from a visual standpoint, could you really say they are all that different?

Chuck Norris internet meme vs. Andy Warhol portrait of Muhammad Ali

But maybe before you make your own decision, watch the video and get the full story.

Internet memes in art history

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

It came to our attention today that someone started creating art historical images of the “Pepper Spray Cop,” who in real life is Lt. John Pike, the U.C. Davis campus police officer who pepper-sprayed passive student protesters recently. One such example is the image at right, where Pike is pepper-spraying Christina from “Christina’s World,” a famous painting by Andrew Wyeth. You can see a collection of them here and also a Tumblr blog collecting them here.

We’re wondering if we can take any credit for the idea of putting an internet meme in art history, since we put the “Creepin’ A-Rod” internet meme into art historical paintings back on October 22nd …?

pepper spray cop

Pepper Spray Cop in Christina's World, made by Brady Hall.

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