My poster post leads to Poster House – a new museum

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Sorry about that blog post title … I couldn’t resist a tongue twister. Here’s what it means: the other day, I posted something to the blog about seeing an art exhibition poster in Minneapolis which paid homage to the series of art posters for the 1985 exhibition of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s collaborative paintings. […]

Current day homage to 1985 Warhol and Basquiat Boxing Poster

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On my recent trip to Minnesota, I took a few hours on Tuesday morning to wander around the arts district in NE Minneapolis. One of the buildings that I explored was the Northrup King Building, which is home to over 200 creative tenants, including art studios for over 190 artists, as well as spaces for […]

John Glenn and Astronaut Art

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With today’s news of the passing of astronaut and senator John Glenn, it got me thinking: what kind of “astronaut” or “space exploration” art is there out there? Granted, there’s LOTS of outer space art, but what about within the confines of art history? Here’s our first two obvious selections: Andy Warhol’s “Moonwalk” from 1987 […]

Andy Warhol is back, as a web designer

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I get a lot of cold-call e-mail propositions for assistance with the Artsology website, including general web development services, search engine optimization, and so forth. But today, while receiving a similar e-mail, I noticed a strikingly different sender name: “Andy Warhol.” Andy’s e-mail went on to say that he has been “progressively growing over my […]