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"No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination." - Edward Hopper

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Sad girls with big eyes

March 3rd, 2014

What’s up with all of the paintings of sad girls with big eyes? Here’s a pair of big-eyed paintings by two artists, Haruka Makita and Brian Calvin, seen at last year’s Armory Show. My guess is that they both might have at least a little inspiration from the queen of big, sad eyes: Margaret Keane, whose two paintings are seen below.

But seriously, though, there’s a lot more to the work than just big eyes. Haruka Makita is reportedly a protege of legendary artist Takashi Murakami, and her work does have a clear manga influence as well as elements from her background in traditional Japanese painting. Brian Calvin seems to create characters who are somewhat listless and melancholic, and they make me stop and contemplate what exactly is going on … you can see more of his work here. (they also remind me a little bit of Alex Katz’s work)

paintings by Haruka Makita and Brian Calvin

Margaret Keane painter of children with huge eyes


Don’t step on the sculpture!

March 3rd, 2014

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the name of the artist for these sculptures at last year’s Armory Show, but I think it’s somewhat interesting that rather than hang them from the wall, the art dealer simply plugged them in and set them on the floor … I assume that must be the artist’s intention? I might still hang them from the wall if I were in a position to own one … I do like them, they’re pretty funky.

floor sculptures seen at the 2013 Armory Show


The art fairs are coming!

March 3rd, 2014

It’s that time of year again: the art fairs are coming! We’ve got the following to look forward to:

  • The ADAA Art Show, Park Avenue Armory, Park Avenue at 67th Street, New York City, March 5 – 9, 2014
  • The Armory Show: Piers 92 & 94, New York City, March 6 – 9, 2014
  • Scope Art Fair, 312 West 33rd Street, New York City, March 6 – 9, 2014
  • The Independent, 548 West 22nd Street, New York City, March 6 – 9, 2014
  • Moving Image Art Fair, 269 11th Avenue, Waterfront New York Tunnel, New York City, March 6 – 9, 2014
  • VOLTA New York, 76 Mercer Street, New York City, March 6 – 9, 2014
  • Fountain Art Fair, Lexington Avenue at 26th Street, New York City, March 7 – 9, 2014
  • Asia Art Fair, 321 East 73rd Street, New York City, March 14 – 18, 2014
  • The AIPAD Photography Show, Park Avenue Armory, 67th Street & Park Avenue, New York City, April 10 – 13, 2014

So much art to see in such a short amount of time! I’m still sorting through pictures from last year’s shows … here’s one from last year’s Armory Show, sculptures by Moto Waganari …

filigree polygon sculptures by artist Moto Waganari


A simple statement

March 3rd, 2014

I guess the artist who posted this street art on a building in Bridgeport, CT had a very simple statement to make … note the bottom of this stapled piece of paper, it simply says “ART.” I like the fact that the artist added the period, as if this is a one word statement, and that’s it. Period.

(This picture was taken as part of one of my “Arts Adventurer” journeys from last spring)

street art with a single word: art.


Jeff Koons’ Gazing Ball Sculptures

March 2nd, 2014

We’ve added a new feature to our “Gallery Insider” series at the Artsology Membership section, with an inside look at the Jeff Koons exhibition titled Gazing Ball at the David Zwirner Gallery. If you’re an art teacher, a homeschooling parent, or just a parent who wants to engage your kids with contemporary art, please check out our membership offering.

Gazing Ball exhibition by Jeff Koons at David Zwirner Gallery


City Kitty street art, english and spanish versions

March 1st, 2014

I saw these two street art pieces recently in NYC, one of which is “City Kitty” and the other is the spanish translation, “Gato de la Ciudad.” Both are obviously by the same artist, but I can’t find out who it is. A Google search shows that a lot of people have photographed this particular theme (and there’s a lot of other variations), but the identity of the artist has been hard to find … does anyone know who it is?

street art featuring a cat, city kitty and gato de la ciudad, found in NYC


Bringing Edward Hopper paintings to life via photography

February 28th, 2014

Today I happened upon the photography of artist Richard Tuschman, whose award-winning work has been recognized by American Photography, Print, AIGA, Photo District News, American Illustration, and Prix de la Photographie, among others. One particular project that caught my attention was his series titled “Hopper Meditations,” which are photographs based on paintings by Edward Hopper. Below are two compare-and-contrast examples of Hopper’s painting and Tuschman’s photograph. You can see more of his Hopper Meditations here.

comparing Edward Hopper to Richard Tuschman

Edward Hopper paintings recreated as photographs


Frida Kahlo and the FDNY

February 28th, 2014

It’s not unusual to see a Frida Kahlo self-portrait where she has something unusual either attached or on her body, as you can see by the two examples shown below. But if you scroll down, you’ll see another Frida Kahlo portrait with an appendage that I kind of doubt she would have ever envisioned herself: it’s Frida with some FDNY stand pipes, as seen in Brooklyn near the Brooklyn Museum.

two examples of Frida Kahlo self portraits

Frida Kahlo has FDNY stand pipes coming out of her body in this mural portrait


Did Jackson Pollock get his inspiration from a Rice Krispies bar?

February 28th, 2014

Take a look at the Rice Krispies bar below … it has a drizzling of chocolate and vanilla frosting on top … no big deal. But hang it on the wall, and it looks like a Jackson Pollock painting! It’s just one of a series of “Edible Masterpieces,” a new fundraising initiative from the London-based organization “Art Fund” that encourages art lovers to create edible masterpieces – with all funds raised going towards helping British museums and galleries. If you want to see the recipes they’ve collected so far, check it out here.

frosting on a Rice Krispies bar which makes it look like a Jackson Pollock painting


Magritte Mini Golf

February 27th, 2014

What happens when you take surrealist painter Rene Magritte out of the studio and place him on a mini golf course? Play our new game “Magritte Mini Golf” and you’ll find out!

online arts games for kids featuring Rene Magritte surrealist painter playing golf


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