The Shining Light(house) of Asbury Park

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On my most-recent visit to Asbury Park, I noticed this large scale mural on the side of Asbury Lanes, the local bowling alley. It’s clearly owned by someone who appreciates the arts, considering the website’s home page features a bowling-themed version of Leonardo’s Last Supper, by artist Mike McLaughlin. But back to the mural, this […]

NYC construction site still life

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I was walking down 10th Avenue near 29th Street in New York City yesterday when I noticed this mess of red and orange-capped pipes and rusty residue sitting on the sidewalk. There was something about this that caught my attention – it was primarily the red caps, that reminded me of lids from Play-Doh containers […]

Viewing art of the underwater type

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I’ve been on a brief hiatus from posting to the Artsology blog due to spending a fantastic 5 days on the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I did a lot of snorkeling on this trip, enjoying all of the sights one can see while swimming alongside coral and tropical fish. It’s […]