Alexander Calder: Black Flag, with multiple views

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I don’t get a chance to see large-scale Alexander Calder sculptures very often, but when I do, I appreciate the fact that they take on multiple appearances, depending on the angle at which one sees it. I’ve discussed this a bit in the past, with the feature on Calder’s large “stabile” sculpture titled “L’Homme,” which […]

Sabine Marcelis: in search of magical moments

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I saw a little blurb on Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis in the NY Times’ T Magazine, and was curious to learn more. On her website, she explains that she’s “forever in search of magical moments within materiality and manufacturing processes to create unexpected experiences.” Sounds like a good mission statement to me! Here’s a somewhat […]

Damien Hirst’s elaborate backstory for an art exhibition

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It all seems so ridiculous, but considering my appreciation for adventure and scuba diving in particular, I kind of like the concept behind Damien Hirst’s new exhibition, “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable.” The exhibition opened on April 9th at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice, Italy, and is on view there through December 3, […]