John Langley Howard repurposed for current political art

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I saw this street art poster (below left) in New York City back in November, and the message of “immigrants work, immigrants vote” was clearly related to the presidential election. But the image stuck in my mind, because I knew I had seen it somewhere before … and then I remembered, it’s from one of […]

Art galleries with a political statement

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I’ve seen a few art galleries with political statements in one manner or another lately. One is Pace MacGill, with an exhibition titled “Speech,” which states “The protection of free speech, written into the DNA of our country, enshrines perhaps the most basic and cherished creative outlet we have.” The exhibition, up through April 29th, […]

Empty picture frames at the White House

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I was watching some political coverage on CNN last night about President Obama’s last night at the White House and the transition for President-elect Donald Trump, when this image of empty picture frames popped up on the tv screen. They explained that there had been pictures of President Obama there, and they had been removed […]

Harlequin Romance Cover treatment for Donald Trump

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I saw the picture, below left, of an idealized Donald Trump portrait as part of a story in the New York Times … it’s a triple portrait from a bar in Moscow, featuring from left: Marine Le Pen of France, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin of Russia. My first thought was, “looking at that dashing, […]