Photograph of Mexican migrants brings to mind some famous paintings

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This photograph of a former migrant worker and his wife back home in Mexico was taken by Brett Gundlock for a story about visa disputes in the New York Times recently. Between the bowls of fruit and especially the textured blue wall behind the figures, it brought to mind several famous paintings, including some from […]

Famous photographs recreated with Play-Doh and photographed again

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I recently happened upon the work of Eleanor Macnair, who has been re-creating famous photographs in Play-Doh for the past few years. Part of her drive in making these artworks is to make art historical images more accessible to the general public, and the use of Play-Doh helps demystify the art and make it feel […]

Finding and photographing my own Georgia O’Keeffe

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When I was in St. John recently, there was some variety of palm tree outside of our rental house that had some blooming flowers on it. I’m not a botanist, so I’m just guessing here, but from an image search it appears this tree might have been a “bottle palm,” or for those who prefer […]

Image within an image … but how was it done?

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I saw this art work at the 2016 Spring/Break Art Show, and unfortunately didn’t see the artist’s name listed anywhere. At first glance, it’s a simple idea – the artist created the art work with the photographs inside the window frame, and then inserted that piece into the same view, and photographed it again. Simple, […]

Surrealist photography by Erik Johansson

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I saw this image titled “The Architect” and wanted to share it here. The artist’s name is Erik Johansson, and he’s a “surrealist photographer” photographer from Sweden based in Prague, Czech Republic and Sweden. According to his website, “Erik doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas.” With the help of his camera and Photoshop, the goal […]