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Archive for the ‘Photo of the day’ Category

Street art skulls, and more, from Orange NJ to 5 Points, LIC

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

I saw a post online about the “Top 10 Best Street Art Skulls,” and I thought: “how does one really qualify the 10 “best” skulls when there are countless street art skulls out there? Which led me to browse through my collection of street art photos (as well as those taken on some of my “Arts Adventurer” series) and I decided to post a collection of them – along with the location where they were found – here for you. I’m not proclaiming any of these to be the “best” of anything, but I do find it to be an interesting collection.

Skull art street art found in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Left and far right: street art skulls found in WIlliamsburg, Brooklyn; center: Halloween decoration also found in Williamsburg.

street art featuring skulls found at 5 Pointz in Long Island City, NYC

A trio of street art pieces featuring skulls found at 5 Pointz in Long Island City

skull or skeleton art found in different places

From left: a Revolutionary War-era gravestone at a cemetery in Orange, NJ; center: detail from a sculpture at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ; right: graffiti at Grounds for Sculpture.

skull theme street art found at 5 Pointz in Long Island City

Another trio of skull theme street art found at 5 Pointz in Long Island City (green seems to be popular).

three skull theme murals found at 5 Pointz graffiti mecca in LIC

Yet another trio of skull murals found at the former 5 Pointz graffiti mecca in Long Island City

street art featuring skulls found in Paris neighborhood of Montmartre

Skulls carved out of painted soda cans; skull street art and graffiti, all three found in Montmartre, Paris

street art and sculpture featuring skulls found in NYC

Left and far right: street art skulls found on the west side of Manhattan; center: skull with baseball hat found in store window, East Village, NYC

skulls found in street art in Bridgeport CT and Bushwick Brooklyn

Left: found in Bridgeport, CT; center and right: skull art found in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Sticker art featuring skulls found in Virginia Beach

Sticker art featuring skulls found in Virginia Beach

James Dean as street art icon

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

It seems that James Dean is making a comeback as a street art icon, courtesy of an artist who goes by the name “Rubbuh.” I saw this postal sticker art last night while walking up 7th Avenue in NYC.

#deannyc street art by Rubbuh

Kristen Morgin at Zach Feuer Gallery

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

I first saw Kristen Morgin’s work last month at Zach Feuer’s booth at The Armory Show, and was intrigued by her work. So it was a pleasant surprise to happen upon a full-scale exhibition of her work at the Zach Feuer Gallery in Chelsea yesterday.

Morgin creates sculptural pieces which reimagine super heroes, characters from fairy tales and popular culture. Below we have from left: “Super Can Man,” “the Marlboro Man,” and “Apollo Creed” from the Rocky movies.

exhibition of Kristen Morgin's art at Zach Feuer Gallery

But here’s the catch, and the magic behind this work … looking at it, one easily assumes that it’s all found objects that have been assembled into mini sculptures. But in fact, every piece in the show is unfired clay and paint! So, in fact she’s hand-crafting the illusion of these objects, almost like sculptural trompe l’oeil.

The Zach Feuer Gallery is located at 548 West 22nd Street, and Morgin’s exhibition remains on view through May 3, 2014 … check it out! Here’s a few more pieces from the show: “Duck Mask,” and “The Incredible Hulk.”

art by Kristen Morgin

The diverse population of Lambertville, NJ

Friday, April 18th, 2014

I was in Lambertville, NJ last weekend, and in walking around town, I was struck by the wide variety of faces seen on the streets and in the shops. Here’s a look at some of the characters that I saw:

the faces of Lambertville New Jersey

Sights in the Garment District, NYC

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

I usually don’t have much reason to wander around the Garment District in NYC (roughly 34th-40th Street and between 6th Avenue and 9th Avenue), but last night I had tickets to the N.I.T. Final Four at Madison Square Garden, and was in search of something to eat before the games. The fabric stores were especially a big source of bright and wild color, but there was plenty of visual interest all over, as these four examples below indicate. You can see more of Artsology on Instagram here.

fabric samples and lots of buttons, as seen in the Fashion District in NYC

fabrics seen in Fashion District stores in NYC

Artsology is Google’s latest acquisition

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

From the archives … I posted this on my home page on April 1, 2008. Wishful thinking, no doubt, in addition to being an April’s Fool joke. But hey, Google, we’re much bigger and have a lot more traffic than we did in 2008, so if you’re interested, let’s talk numbers.

april fools joke

The pensive rock-n-roller

Friday, March 28th, 2014

It seems this rock-n-roller is deep in thought as he wanders the streets of NYC. I couldn’t resist snapping this discreet picture due to such an unusual jacket.

A man deep in thought walking the streets of NYC

The Legofication of Rockefeller Center

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Oscar Wilde once said that “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” After walking through Rockefeller Center the other day, I think we could update this saying to be “Legos imitate Life and Art.” As you can see, someone has created a Lego version of the famous sculpture at Rockefeller Center. And as far as Legos imitiating art, scroll down to see a Lego version of M.C. Escher’s famous image “Relativity.”

a Lego copy of the sculpture at Rockefeller Center

Relativity, the original by M.C. Escher and a Lego version

Skiing with Keith Haring

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

I was walking up Madison Avenue in NYC the other day when I passed a storefront and stopped and had to do a double-take: are those Keith Haring skis I’m looking at? Indeed they were. Ski-maker company “Bomber” recently opened a pop-up shop at 538 Madison Avenue that looks like an art gallery and displays the skis as if they were fine art — each pair of Bomber skis is mounted to look like it’s floating three inches off the wall, much like a painting in a museum, with one pair of skis displayed every six feet. It’s appropriate, I guess, because Bomber entered into licensing agreements with the Jean-Michel Basquiat Foundation and the Keith Haring Foundation to produce a limited amount of skis based on works by each artist. I didn’t have time to go into the store, so I didn’t see the Basquiat skis – I’ll bet that neither Basquiat or Haring ever went skiing – but these two pairs of skis featuring Haring motifs were in the front window.

In some ways, it’s kind of ridiculous – what’s next? A Keith Haring coffee pot or a Basquiat vacuum cleaner? But I guess it’s still kind of cool – and it’s not the first time Haring’s art has been on a high-end sports item – did you see our post about the Keith Haring/Cinelli racing bicycle?

limited edition run of skis by Bomber using imagery by Keith Haring

Sergey Ponomarev: when photo-journalism meets art history

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

You may have seen my blog post last January where a photograph on the front page of the New York Times really grabbed my attention, both for its sense of beauty in the midst of devastation but also for the fact that it reminded me of the paintings of Eric Fischl. The photographer is Sergey Ponomarev, who is a Moscow-based independent photojournalist who often contributes to the New York Times. Another striking recent front page Times picture by Ponomarev revealed that he was in Crimea as things with Russia were unfolding there. A look at his Instagram feed shows that he’s also been capturing the action in Syria. But two pictures in particular, below on the top row, show that some art historical references are coming through again, and I think they’re fantastic. See the references to Mondrian and Rodin’s Thinker? I’m becoming a big fan of Mr. Ponomarev’s work!

news photography that reflects modern art references, such as Mondrian and Rodin's Thinker

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