Psychedelic art to go with some quirky 1960s music by Pierre Henry

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I was reading the obituary for the French composer Pierre Henry, and it caught my attention because it described him as “abandoning notes in favor of ambient noises manipulated in surprising ways.” When I hear music described like this, I need to hear it in order to better understand why it’s “surprising.” Henry had been […]

Assumption of the Virgin in Leatherhead, UK?

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Seeing this satellite image of Leatherhead (below left), a town in Surrey, England, the white shape caught my eye, and brought to mind an image of the Assumption of the Virgin, with an arm raised, wearing a flowing dress and robe. What do you think? Below right is The Assumption of the Virgin, 1670, by […]

Image within an image … but how was it done?

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I saw this art work at the 2016 Spring/Break Art Show, and unfortunately didn’t see the artist’s name listed anywhere. At first glance, it’s a simple idea – the artist created the art work with the photographs inside the window frame, and then inserted that piece into the same view, and photographed it again. Simple, […]

Windows on top of windows: architectural reflections

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve become more-interested in observing architecture and looking for interesting visual compositions in the various buildings and construction sites around New York City. There’s so much to see above the street level (such as this “Wow Factor” over at our sister site, The Arts Adventurer), it’s hard sometimes […]