Typewriters, 35mm Film Cameras, and Donkeys: Slivovitz does it all

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I received an e-mail from JazzNearYou with a promo for a “1-man label” called “MoonJune.” Considering that Artsology is a 1-man operation, I’m always interested in 1-man (or 1-woman) operations of just about any kind. I like the description of what MoonJune aims to be: “progressive music exploring boundaries of jazz, rock, ethno, avant, and […]

Psychedelic art to go with some quirky 1960s music by Pierre Henry

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I was reading the obituary for the French composer Pierre Henry, and it caught my attention because it described him as “abandoning notes in favor of ambient noises manipulated in surprising ways.” When I hear music described like this, I need to hear it in order to better understand why it’s “surprising.” Henry had been […]

Making Pianos: a look inside Steinway & Sons in Astoria

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Back in the late 1990’s, I lived in Astoria, Queens, in a nice residential neighborhood with only a short subway ride to Manhattan. One afternoon, while exploring the fringes of the neighborhood, I happened upon the Steinway & Sons factory, on a remote northern stretch of Queens just west of LaGuardia Airport. I remember thinking […]