Chattyfeet Giveaway with Artsology

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We have a ChattyFeet #giveaway going on now! For a chance to win the “Famous Artists Socks Gift Set,” please follow these instructions: 1. Like @theartsologist and @chattyfeet pages on Facebook. 2. Reply to the Facebook post about the giveaway with who is your favorite artist from this gift set and why. The characters include: […]

Finding a Van Gogh painting on the curbside in Bushwick

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I went out to Bushwick in Brooklyn today to look around and check out all of the street art … but within a minute or two of parking my car, before I really got started exploring, I happened upon this Van Gogh painting (or rather, a well-done replica) sitting on the curbside. It was a […]

Public art featuring a giant beard meant for climbing

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Friedrich Engels was a German philosopher, social scientist, journalist, and businessman who worked with Karl Marx in developing Marxist theory. He’s also the inspiration for a giant 16 foot-tall sculpture of his head (and significant beard) meant for climbing, located at the University of Salford in Manchester, England. The sculpture was conceived and created by […]

Commemorating Jackie Robinson in Jersey City

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I was walking around Jersey City last night after attending an art opening, and happened upon this sculpture of Jackie Robinson by artist Susan Wagner. I wasn’t sure why a sculpture of the famous Brooklyn Dodger would be perched in Jersey City, and I was curious to find out why … see more and learn […]

Hipstory: imagining U.S. Presidents as hipsters

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I recently happened upon the work of artist Amit Shimoni and his series titled “Hipstory,” in which he imagines figures from history (including U.S. Presidents, among others) as “hipsters.” I liked these 4 Presidents, so I wanted to share them here. Clockwise, from top left: John F. Kennedy (with a Johnny Depp look), Donald Trump […]

Tim Okamura’s Rosie the Riveter

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I saw this painting by Tim Okamura at the VOLTA Art Fair, below left. It’s titled “Rosie,” and it’s an obvious reference to the J. Howard Miller poster of “Rosie the Riveter” (below right) which was commissioned by the Westinghouse Company’s War Production Coordinating Committee in 1942. Okamura is a Canadian-born artist who has lived […]

Video Preview of “Visionaries: Creating a Modern Guggenheim”

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Opening today at the Guggenheim is Visionaries: Creating a Modern Guggenheim, an exhibition featuring over 170 modern works from the Guggenheim’s collection. More specifically, the exhibition focuses on six pioneering collectors and patrons, including museum founder Solomon R. Guggenheim, German‑born artist Hilla Rebay, artist and curator Katherine S. Dreier, German art dealers Justin K. Thannhauser […]