New graffiti game review by the Bushwick Daily

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Yesterday we released a new game called The Graffiti Challenge, in which you play as a NYC graffiti artist who travels between Manhattan, Williamsburg and Bushwick in order to look for locations to paint graffiti and to observe graffiti made by real-world graffiti artists. Today, the game was reviewed by Jacque Medina at the Bushwick […]

Graffiti tiles to bring back those CBGB memories

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If you’re someone with any sort of nostalgia for the graffiti-covered bathrooms of CBGB’s (below left), then you have a nice, clean modern version to utilize in your home: Peronda Group’s “Banksy Museum Design Collection” of graffiti tiles, seen below right. Hold on, though – this concept brings up a number of questions, which I […]

Three decades of New York art in Denver

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On my recent visit to Colorado, I had a chance to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver for the first time. They currently have an interesting grouping of three exhibitions that basically cover three decades of art and/or artists in New York City. The lower level museum gallery space features the exhibition “Wall Writers: […]

That tiny sticker art portrait looks familiar … it’s Walt Whitman!

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Sticker art graffiti artists like to place their “slaps” on the backsides of stop signs, and this one on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado, is filled with a bunch of different images. But it was the tiny round sticker in the bottom corner (in red circle, below left) that caught my attention … a portrait […]