Unusual inspiration provided by an Artsology reader

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I get a fair amount of e-mails with offers from people to write blog posts for Artsology, and I think I’ve pretty much said no to all of them, because they usually just want to promote something, and because most times the writing style has nothing in common with how I write and blog-post at […]

New graffiti game review by the Bushwick Daily

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Yesterday we released a new game called The Graffiti Challenge, in which you play as a NYC graffiti artist who travels between Manhattan, Williamsburg and Bushwick in order to look for locations to paint graffiti and to observe graffiti made by real-world graffiti artists. Today, the game was reviewed by Jacque Medina at the Bushwick […]

Graffiti tiles to bring back those CBGB memories

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If you’re someone with any sort of nostalgia for the graffiti-covered bathrooms of CBGB’s (below left), then you have a nice, clean modern version to utilize in your home: Peronda Group’s “Banksy Museum Design Collection” of graffiti tiles, seen below right. Hold on, though – this concept brings up a number of questions, which I […]