Psychedelic art to go with some quirky 1960s music by Pierre Henry

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I was reading the obituary for the French composer Pierre Henry, and it caught my attention because it described him as “abandoning notes in favor of ambient noises manipulated in surprising ways.” When I hear music described like this, I need to hear it in order to better understand why it’s “surprising.” Henry had been […]

The Shining Light(house) of Asbury Park

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On my most-recent visit to Asbury Park, I noticed this large scale mural on the side of Asbury Lanes, the local bowling alley. It’s clearly owned by someone who appreciates the arts, considering the website’s home page features a bowling-themed version of Leonardo’s Last Supper, by artist Mike McLaughlin. But back to the mural, this […]

Jerry Lewis, Picasso, and Big Eyes Keane

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It wasn’t long ago that I saw the movie “Big Eyes,” about the life and marriage of Margaret and Walter Keane, with Margaret being the real artist behind the big-eyed children, and Walter being the fraud who took credit as being the artist himself. It was a good movie – quite interesting – and I […]

Disassembling farm equipment and making it into art

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I received a press release from the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska, regarding an upcoming exhibition featuring the work of David Brooks. The show is titled “Continuous Service Altered Daily,” and the artist has taken apart a 1976 John Deere 3300 series combine harvester and displays every part – electrical wiring, nuts, […]

Famous photographs recreated with Play-Doh and photographed again

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I recently happened upon the work of Eleanor Macnair, who has been re-creating famous photographs in Play-Doh for the past few years. Part of her drive in making these artworks is to make art historical images more accessible to the general public, and the use of Play-Doh helps demystify the art and make it feel […]