My poster post leads to Poster House – a new museum

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Sorry about that blog post title … I couldn’t resist a tongue twister. Here’s what it means: the other day, I posted something to the blog about seeing an art exhibition poster in Minneapolis which paid homage to the series of art posters for the 1985 exhibition of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s collaborative paintings. […]

Captain America as window guard spokesman

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As I was wandering around East Williamsburg in Brooklyn today, I saw this building for American Architectural Windows, which has been manufacturing, supplying and installing aluminum fenestration products to the U.S. building industry since 1983. It only makes sense, then, that they utilize Captain America as their unofficial (visual) spokesman, with his shield in one […]

Magritte “Son of Man” in Legos

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“The Son of Man,” 1946 (below right), is one of Rene Magritte’s most-familiar paintings. The ad agency “Geometry Global Hong Kong” recreated Magritte’s painting using only Lego pieces for use in a Lego poster in 2015. The message was: “In an era when kids lean towards digital devices and follow preconceived storylines, Lego wanted to […]

Raid Roach Art Project takes a cue from the art of Vik Muniz

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I have one of my very roundabout paths to a blog post to share with you: I was reading the NY Times while having coffee and was intrigued about a story which mentioned buses in Nairobi adorned with images of Jesus and Tupac. Finding that idea rather bizarre, I went looking online for more info […]