Magritte “Son of Man” in Legos

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“The Son of Man,” 1946 (below right), is one of Rene Magritte’s most-familiar paintings. The ad agency “Geometry Global Hong Kong” recreated Magritte’s painting using only Lego pieces for use in a Lego poster in 2015. The message was: “In an era when kids lean towards digital devices and follow preconceived storylines, Lego wanted to […]

Raid Roach Art Project takes a cue from the art of Vik Muniz

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I have one of my very roundabout paths to a blog post to share with you: I was reading the NY Times while having coffee and was intrigued about a story which mentioned buses in Nairobi adorned with images of Jesus and Tupac. Finding that idea rather bizarre, I went looking online for more info […]