Where’s Waldo? He’s been found, and apprehended.

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You’re probably familiar with the series of picture books called “Where’s Waldo,” by the English illustrator Martin Handford, where one is given a vast, visually-busy picture (such as the one below left), with the challenge to find the “Waldo” character in the drawing. The graffiti artist “HiJack” had his own take on the Waldo theme […]

Artsology referenced as “further reading” on a book about Death and Dying

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I was a bit surprised to find out today that Artsology’s feature on How Artists Portray Death in Art is referenced as a source for “further reading” in a book titled “The A–Z of Death and Dying: Social, Medical, and Cultural Aspects.” The book is edited by Michael John Brennan, who is an associate professor […]

Harlequin Romance Cover treatment for Donald Trump

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I saw the picture, below left, of an idealized Donald Trump portrait as part of a story in the New York Times … it’s a triple portrait from a bar in Moscow, featuring from left: Marine Le Pen of France, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin of Russia. My first thought was, “looking at that dashing, […]