Architectural detail: broken glass as pigeon deterrent?

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I was walking down Pirates Alley (next to the St. Louis Cathedral) in New Orleans when I noticed this unusual architectural detail (see below). My attention was initially grabbed by the bright colors and the unusual slant of the board running across the top of the door (below left), but then I noticed something jagged […]

Orange color field painting in West Orange, NJ

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I was out for a walk in my neighborhood in West Orange the other day, when I happened upon this industrial building (below left) which seems to have had a run-in with a color field painter. The term “Color Field painting” refers to a style within Abstract Expressionism, with prominent artists including Clyfford Still, Barnett […]

Late afternoon light on architecture like a Hopper painting

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There was something about this rooftop structure and the way the late afternoon light was hitting it that brought to mind Edward Hopper’s painting “Lighthouse Hill,” from 1927 (see inset). Both structures – the rooftop apartment in NYC and the house in Hopper’s painting – are getting late afternoon light from the southwest, with dark […]