Plenty of art on earth


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I’ve seen this bumper sticker a few times, and have always liked what I perceived to be the meaning: the idea that if you look closely around you here on planet earth, you’ll find plenty of art. It’s kind of the mindset that I have with The Arts Adventurer, which aims to explore and find art in our surroundings as opposed to what you might find in an art gallery or museum. (scroll down for more below the picture)

earth art bumper sticker

But after seeing this bumper sticker again yesterday, I wanted to find out who makes it and what they might be hoping to achieve with this message. The sticker and concept was created by Oakland-based artist Philip Krohn, who uses recyclable items in his art – you can see more at his website here. But the website where he sells the stickers – – provides more information on this particular iconic graphic. All proceeds from EARTH stickers and clothing go to non-profit organizations working to protect the natural world. So, in this sense, it’s more about the “earth” than the “art within the earth.” Or, at least that’s the way I’m interpreting it. At any rate, it’s a great cause, a great idea, and here’s a list of “grantees” who have received funds from the sale of Krohn’s products.

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