Canine Employee at The Museum of Fine Arts Boston


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Yesterday saw the introduction of a new employee at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston: Riley, a three month old Weimaraner puppy, who is being trained to sniff out insects or other pests that could potentially damage works of art. Riley belongs to – and is being trained by – Nicki Luongo, the museum’s Director of Protective Services. You can see and learn more about Riley in the video below, but on a side note, I was also curious about a museum having a “director of protective services.” I hadn’t heard of that type of role within a museum before. From what I can find online, such a position includes being the principal advisor to top museum management on all matters related to security and emergency services, including ensuring the safety of the museum’s visitors, employees, volunteers, as well as protecting the museum’s collections.

Here’s a look at the introduction of Riley the Museum Dog:

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