Amazing book art by Brian Dettmer


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Check out these two art works made from books by Brian Dettmer, which I saw at the Morris Museum in Morristown, NJ. Dettmer has the nickname “The Book Surgeon,” due to his use of scalpels, X-Acto knives, tweezers, and other surgical tools to carve old books into detailed and layered art works like these.

The piece below left is titled “The Re-Emergence of Man,” 2016, and below right is “New Conquest by Man,” also from 2016.

carved book art by Brian Dettmer

There’s an interesting TED Talks video in which Dettmer explains his process and shows more of his work. He explains: “I think of my work as a sort of a remix, in a way, because I’m working with someone else’s material in the same way that a deejay might be working with someone else’s music.” Check out the video below for more insight on this fascinating and talented artist.

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