A man’s face in the Kleenex? Grant Wood?


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I have a habit of seeing things that may or may not be there … visual references to art seem to come up on a regular basis. Like the time I saw a Notre Dame gargoyle in a messed-up hard-boiled egg … or Hokusai’s famous “Wave” print on the sidewalk … now I’m seeing a face in my Kleenex box! Below left is the straight photo of how my Kleenex box sits in my bathroom, and below right I mark it up with where I’m seeing a reference to what looks like a single eye, a nose, and very grim, pursed lips. Do you see it? Scroll down for more …

seeing a face in my Kleenex box

So, now that I see the face in the Kleenex, I’m trying to think: what famous portrait do I know that has a similar grim, tight-lipped mouth like that? And like magic, Grant Wood’s Self Portrait from 1932 seems to match up pretty well. Below we show the Wood portrait, followed by my Kleenex concept, with the final image showing an overlay to see how the Kleenex features match up proportionally. What do you think? Am I nuts? Or is Grant Wood in my Kleenex box?

Grant Wood Kleenex portrait

Actually, now that I think of it, this may be the first time I’ve seen something in the Kleenex tissue, but the Kleenex boxes have been giving me visual associations too, like the African mask here and the woman’s profile here.

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