Typewriters, 35mm Film Cameras, and Donkeys: Slivovitz does it all


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I received an e-mail from JazzNearYou with a promo for a “1-man label” called “MoonJune.” Considering that Artsology is a 1-man operation, I’m always interested in 1-man (or 1-woman) operations of just about any kind.

I like the description of what MoonJune aims to be: “progressive music exploring boundaries of jazz, rock, ethno, avant, and the unknown.” So I start looking around the website, and randomly click on an image link for one of their recording artists, a band called Slivovitz, and the first thing that grabs my attention is that all of their album covers have donkeys on them! Check it out:

slivovitz album covers featuring donkeys, from MoonJune Records

So now I’m curious to hear how these guys sound, and I happen upon this video (posted below). Between the album covers and the interesting video, this band clearly cares about visual art in addition to music. The video concept is by Daniele Rosselli, an Italian visual artist whose forms range from video art and video to photography, from directing to light installations, performances and design. I like the fact that a jazz band’s music video is not just a recording of them performing, but rather an elaborate visual feast put forth by Rosselli, which includes typewriters, 35mm film cameras, a hard-to-follow plot line through New York City, and a man swimming in a shirt-and-tie who ends up washed up on a beach.

The good news is, Slivovitz is on Spotify, so I’m getting a good feel for the music – love it!

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