SuperPutin and MegaDon


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I saw in the New York Times today that there’s an exhibition in Moscow titled “SuperPutin.” I can’t find a website for the museum* where it’s taking place (the “Ultra Modern Art Museum,” also known as UMAM), which seems hard to believe … as I was hoping to see more images from the show. Various news sources show some of the paintings, but I wish I could see all of them, because they seem pretty absurd. For example, check out this “SuperPutin” painting, where he appears to be holding a huge Nerf gun called a “Putin Blaster.” I thought it might be fun to imagine what Donald Trump might do to one-up Putin with his own commissioned painting with a Nerf Gun … so we’ve conceptualized this “Mega Don” version for the upcoming “Super Trump” show.

*Editor’s note – I finally found the site: UMAM

Super Putin and Mega Don

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