SOFA Chicago 2017


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SOFA Chicago opens tomorrow at the Festival Hall on the Navy Pier on East Grand Avenue in Chicago. “SOFA” in this case means “Sculpture, Objects, Functional Art and Design,” but then why isn’t it SOFAD? I guess the show organizers think SOFA sounds better.

Unfortunately, I won’t be anywhere near Chicago over the course of the show, which runs through this Sunday, November 5th. But I’m curious about the “functional art” and “design” aspects of this show. I wanted to take a look to see what kind of functional art works will be on view at SOFA Chicago, and here’s a few highlights that caught my attention.

Here’s a pair of cabinets by Jim Rose: below left is “Two Door Housetop Quilt Cupboard,” 2016, and below right is “Two Door Housetop Quilt Cupboard,” 2015. Both of these are made with hot-rolled and found painted steel.

Quilt cabinets designed by Jim Rose at SOFA Chicago

This next one comes from the “sculpture” category. The artist is Hoss Haley, and the work is titled “Low Shoulder Erratics,” made with aluminum and salvaged road signs (each one is unique).

road sign sculptures by Hoss Haley

The show also includes paintings, perhaps those are considered part of the “objects” category? At any rate, below left is “A Sunday Sketching,” 2017, an oil on panel with mixed media piece by Ben Steele, mixing a visual reference to Georges Seurat’s famous painting “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte” but presented conceptually as something “drawn” on an Etch-A-Sketch! Below right is Francesco Lo Castro’s “Present Extreme,” 2016, which is a painting made with acrylic, spray enamel and layered epoxy resin on wood.

paintings on view at SOFA Chicago 2017

If you are in the Chicago area and want to see this show, click here for more information.

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