Regina Scully: Mindscapes, at C24 Gallery


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I received an invitation to an art exhibition which opened yesterday at C24 Gallery in NYC. The exhibition is titled “Mindscapes,” and features new paintings by Regina Scully. I didn’t make it to the opening, but seeing some of the paintings online has me curious to go see the show, as I like them a lot.

Here’s one example: “Mindscape 2,” 2017, a 39 x 64″ acrylic on canvas. (scroll down for more …)

Mindscape paintings by Regina Scully at C24 Gallery

The artist Regina Scully is currently based in New Orleans. She grew up in Norfolk (VA), and attended RISD where she received her B.F.A. in Painting. She went back to New Orleans where she received an M.F.A. in Painting from the University of New Orleans.

Here’s another one that I like, the website doesn’t show the information on this one, but it appears to be “Mindscape 6,” and I’d guess it’s also from 2017 … I’d like to get over to C24 to see these in person! As I mentioned, the show opened yesterday and runs through December 23, 2017. C24 Gallery is located at 560 West 24th Street in New York City.

Mindscape paintings by Regina Scully at C24 Gallery

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