Lego Waterfall at the Lego House in Billund, Denmark


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The Lego toy company has its headquarters in Billund, Denmark, and this past September they opened a new attraction: Lego House, a 130,000 square foot building in the center of town. There is public access all over and across the house using stairs and terraces, and includes play zones, exhibits, a café, a restaurant and of course a LEGO store.

aerial view of the Lego House in Billund, Denmark

As I was looking at pictures online of the interior, I was struck by this “waterfall,” which comes “pouring” out of a framed opening in the top of the wall. It’s pretty amazing to conceptualize and build a waterfall with Lego blocks, although the color scheme is a little confusing as far as trying to make it look like water. But it’s still an impressive – and massive – display of Lego creativity.

Lego waterfall inside the Lego House in Billund

But it made me curious – how have other people made waterfalls with Legos? It’s not exactly an easy concept to visualize, at least with my own knowledge of Lego blocks. Let’s a take a look at a few examples:

LEGO waterfall examples

I think my favorite one of these is the one in the top right corner – I like the gradual change in color from the dark blue at the top, to the lighter blue, followed by the white “splash” at the bottom.

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