Incredible Papier-mâché sculpture made with toilet paper, by Marvin Francis


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I saw this incredible papier-mâché sculpture at the Outsider Art Fair, and wanted to learn more about it. The artist is Marvin Francis, who made it while incarcerated at Eastern Kentucky Correctional Facility, using toilet paper and glue. Marvin was convicted of murder in 1986, and at the time he was twenty-five years old, a divorced Navy vet, a Detroit-born, Kentucky-bred high school dropout who had no background in art at all. While in prison, an art-appreciation teacher encouraged him to create something, and the floodgates of creativity were opened.

While his art work is now handled by art galleries and has been purchased by museums, Marvin gives away nearly every penny he earns to charities that work with abused children. Marvin was released in 2014 after serving over 28 years, and from a report that I found dated 2016, was living in Tennessee with a part-time job and still making art.

papier mache prison art by Marvin Francis

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