Images from South Sudan and Piet Mondrian


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The New York Times recently had a photo feature by Canadian documentary photographer Sara Hylton with pictures from Juba, in South Sudan. This picture of basketball players (below left) caught my attention for a couple reasons: #1, I’m a big fan of the sport of basketball, but more importantly, #2, it reminds me of Piet Mondrian. Why? Or how, you might ask?

I realize this might be a bit of a stretch, but Hylton’s picture reminds me of a Piet Mondrian painting in these ways: Hylton’s image includes a number of rectangles and squares, and certainly Mondrian’s paintings included rectangles and squares. But look at the colors of the clothes of these basketball players: the predominant colors are red, white, blue, yellow and gray, the same colors used in Mondrian’s “Composition No. II,” 1920, pictured below right. Granted, the colors in the basketball photo are all concentrated along the bottom half of the composition, but I still like the fact that the color scheme is the same.

Photograph of basketball players in Juba, South Sudan by Sara Hylton, next to a painting by Piet Mondrian

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