Street artist spotlight: HISS


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As I was walking around Chelsea yesterday, seeing both art gallery exhibitions and street art, I noticed these two pieces by the artist who goes by the alias “HISS.” I’ve seen the work before, and the common theme(s) include cats and multiple eyes, and both of these street art pieces fit that trend. But not being very familiar beyond what I’ve seen on the streets, I thought I’d try to track down some more info about this artist to share here.

From the HISS store FAQ page, I see that HISS is “… a Queens based artist and illustrator whose primary interests include cute animals and dead things.” As to the question of “why,” HISS has been quoted as saying “I’ve been drawing since I was little. Growing up I always loved graffiti and street art and wanted to do it, so then one day I went out and did it. That’s it really.”

I’m not seeing an artist website anywhere, but here’s a link to the HISS Instagram feed: @hissxx

street artist HISS works in NYC

Here’s another one that saw way back in November of 2016:

street art cat image by HISSxx

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