Peter Saul, “Fake News,” at Mary Boone


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I’m always amazed at how perfectly polished the concrete floors are at Mary Boone Gallery on West 24th Street in New York City. The paintings on the walls reflect very clearly on the floor, as you can see below. This is an installation view from the current exhibition titled “Fake News,” featuring paintings by Peter Saul, which opened back on September 9th and closes soon on November 4th.

Peter Saul exhibition Fake News at Mary Boone Gallery

As you can imagine with an exhibition title like “Fake News,” there are paintings referencing President Donald Trump. As the gallery’s press release states, the paintings “depict our presiding President in a variety of ignoble situations, oblivious to the imminent catastrophe …” You can see a few details featuring Trump in the image below. Click here to see additional selected works from the exhibition.

details of paintings of Donald Trump by Peter Saul

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