What’s really under that blue tarp in South Orange


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I was back in South Orange yesterday, after having been there a week ago on Sunday when I saw this covered piano. At the time, I did a little research to find out that it was from an annual event where artists painted pianos and placed them throughout South Orange. However, the best I could do was find an example of a painted piano at that location from a previous year … I still didn’t know what was under the wraps of this piano this year. Until yesterday – when I walked by the same location to see this piano out on full public display!

piano as part of annual event in South Orange NJ

As you can see here below, it’s covered with a large and colorful peacock, painted by Elizabeth, Alexa and Allie Sibio. I’m not finding any artist websites or specific information on these three artists – I’m assuming they’re sisters – so if you have any info on them to share, please do so in the comments section below. At any rate, scroll down below this initial picture to see more details of this painted piano from the 5th Annual “Playin’ Around South Orange” Project.

peacock piano by Elizabeth, Alexa, and Allie Sibio

Peacock piano from Playin' Around South Orange

I guess now that I’ve seen one of the pianos uncovered, I need to find a way to get back at a time when someone is actually playing it! Even this, however, has been a little difficult to track down – it sounds like they had scheduled performances on the opening day, but after that, could it be that they’re inviting people to simply sit down and play? Maybe I should have sat down and played a little something just to see what would happen …?

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