Walking Flowers and other ceramics by Fernand Leger


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When I think of the artist Fernand Léger, his famous cubist-inspired paintings come to mind. We have two examples of his paintings here: below left, Men In The City from 1919 and below right, The Stove, from 1918.

two cubist inspired paintings by Fernand Leger

It came as a bit of a surprise today to see a funky little table sculpture, below left, and to find out it is a ceramic piece by Léger titled “The Flower That Walks.” A little research shows that he made larger versions of this piece as well, as you can see below right.

The Flower That Walks by Fernand Leger

This made me curious, what other types of ceramic works did Léger make beyond this one walking flower theme? Here’s another pair of Léger ceramics: below left, The Large Rooster, 1952; below right: The Children’s Garden, also from 1952. It’s quite interesting to see works in three dimensions by an artist for whom I’ve always seen in two dimensions, it’s a whole new way of seeing his visual style.

ceramic sculptures by Fernand Leger

2 thoughts on “Walking Flowers and other ceramics by Fernand Leger

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering where did you find the photo of the walking flower on the desk ? Can you locate it ? Is it part of a private or a public collection ? I have made a research about this art work and I didn’t know the one on the left. The walking flower (in ceramic) has been edited in a limited edition of 8 (+ 3 hors commerce) and I thought they were all in museums. There are about 5 or 6 monumental versions.

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