Urban pigs, in art and in the front yard


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Who ever said farm life is the only domain for pigs? It seems that there’s an influx of pigs into urban life, as you can see below. At left we have a street art mural seen in Bushwick featuring a chrome-finish piggy bank, courtesy of artist Joshua Santos Rivera, who is also known as “Bik,” or “Ismo.” He refers to himself as “The Chrome Master,” and a look at his Instagram feed shows some amazing paintings!

Below right is a view of something I saw while walking down Van Houton Place in Belleville, NJ. At first I thought someone had just chained up their little dog in the front yard, but a double-take revealed that it was in fact a mini pig! He was just happily grazing in the front yard, and at one point he plopped down in the grass and rolled over, exposing his belly to the sun. He was definitely a happy pig!

piggy bank street art in Bushwick and a live pig in Belleville

Please note: no pigs were harmed in the making of this blog post.

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