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I get a fair amount of e-mails with offers from people to write blog posts for Artsology, and I think I’ve pretty much said no to all of them, because they usually just want to promote something, and because most times the writing style has nothing in common with how I write and blog-post at Artsology. But I recently received a request to guest-write, and the angle was so unusual, I decided to share some of the unexpected aspects of it.

The e-mail in question started out with an explanation that the writer and her husband had cleaned out their car for the first time in years, and having a newly-cleaned car inspired her to write about it for Artsology. Huh? I’m not following the thought process here. But after going out to explore street art in Bushwick recently, I did happen upon this graffiti-covered van that might provide a challenge for this cleaning writer.

graffiti covered van seen in Bushwick, Brooklyn

An interesting fact (?) provided by the writer was the idea that clean cars get better gas mileage than dirty cars, which have dirt and grime that might hinder the aerodynamics of the car. Hmm, I suppose someone could have done an experiment with a car in both dirty and clean states, but do you think this is really true? I don’t know …

Another idea provided by the writer was that driving a clean car makes one feel good. I do agree with this, but then it makes me wonder how does the van owner above feel when driving his van? How does one feel if your car is clean, but also covered with a custom paint job, like this car below that I also saw in Bushwick?

I don’t know that my blog post makes any more sense here than the original car-cleaning post idea that was sent to me, but it did give me the excuse to show two pictures of cool graffiti-covered vehicles that I saw in Brooklyn. Just to be clear, the pictures are mine; the e-mail sender did not include pictures to illustrate her points.

graffiti car with Brooklyn tag seen in Bushwick

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