Pro Golf and Astrophotography


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I read an interesting story recently about Jimmy Walker, a professional golfer currently ranked 15th in the world, who has a somewhat unusual hobby: he’s an astrophotographer! He utilizes telescopes in remote locations in Texas, New Mexico and California in order to take his pictures, using high-end cameras with exposure times that run from a few hours to a few days. Here’s a few examples of his work, clockwise from top left: “M42 The Great Orion Nebula;” “M16 The Pillars Of Creation;” “HorseHead IC434 from SRO;” and “M31 Hybrid.”

Astrophotography by pro golfer Jimmy Walker

Walker has gained recognition for his astrophotography, to the point where he’s had his photographs published on NASA’s website! He also has his own website to showcase his work, and offers images for sale as well – check out Jimmy Walker’s SmugMug Astrophotography website here.

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