The Shining Light(house) of Asbury Park


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On my most-recent visit to Asbury Park, I noticed this large scale mural on the side of Asbury Lanes, the local bowling alley. It’s clearly owned by someone who appreciates the arts, considering the website’s home page features a bowling-themed version of Leonardo’s Last Supper, by artist Mike McLaughlin.

But back to the mural, this particular art work is by local artist Mike “Porkchop” La Vallee, who painted this mural in 2015. La Vallee received an MFA in Sculpture from VCU and a BA from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He has a successful career designing and creating murals, mixed media art and sculpture.

mural depicting a sea nymph and a lighthouse in Asbury Park by artist Porkchop

This is not the only public art work by Porkchop in Asbury Park; he also has a large mural inside the old Casino building on the south end of the boardwalk, a detail of which is seen below.

Porkchop mural featuring woman and octopus Casino building Asbury Park

I’d love to point you to the personal website of Porkchop, but all the links I’m finding online suggest that the website no longer exists – if you know of a website or Facebook page for the artist, please let us know (here or in the comments below) so that we can let our viewers learn more about this artist. In the meantime, check out this cool time-lapse video showing Porkchop creating the lighthouse mural.

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