Street art piece matches a big seller at auction


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Heritage Auctions seems to be doing a fair amount of advertising in the New York Times recently, and I noted the other day how they were advertising a successful Patrick Nagel sale.

I just saw another Heritage Auctions ad which promoted the recent sale results of this Alex Israel “Self Portrait,” and I thought, “that looks familiar, but as a street art piece … where did I see that?” The first pair of pictures below shows the piece sold at auction for $275,000 – I included the 3/4 view to show you how it has an element of 3-D, being painted on a 3″ deep piece of form-cut fiberglass. Scroll down below this picture to see where I first saw something by this artist in the streets …

Self portrait on fiberglass by Alex Israel

I saw this Alex Israel street art piece on a shuttered gate somewhere on the Bowery in downtown NYC back in 2013 … I’m not sure if it’s still there, but if so, that store owner might have a valuable mural on his hands.

Street art self portrait by Alex Israel on the Bowery NYC

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