Dreaming with Rousseau in 3-D


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If you could get inside Henri Rousseau’s painting “The Dream” from 1910 (at top, below), do you think the musician in the middle would come to life in 3-D like the way sculptor J. Seward Johnson portrayed him? (see the bottom 2 pictures in this post) This particular character in the painting is – according to Rousseau himself – a “well-intentioned [snake] charmer.” We get this from a poem that Rousseau wrote to accompany the painting:

“Yadwigha in a beautiful dream
Having fallen gently to sleep
Heard the sounds of a reed instrument
Played by a well-intentioned [snake] charmer.
As the moon reflected
On the rivers [or flowers], the verdant trees,
The wild snakes lend an ear
To the joyous tunes of the instrument.”

J. Seward Johnson sculpture based on Henri Rousseau's The Dream painting

We saw this 3-D recreation of Rousseau’s famous painting at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. For more on this “arts adventure,” check out our coverage at The Arts Adventurer.

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