Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait’s approach might not work for me


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There’s a wooded area on the edge of our backyard, and we have semi-regular sightings of deer coming around to graze in the area. This buck, below left, came by recently, and it brought to mind the Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait painting at the Brooklyn Museum, which has the funny title “The Reprimand. Ah! You Naughty Fawn, You Have Been Eating the Flowers Again,” from 1852. You can see a detail of it below right, and the full painting below these first 2 images. I don’t think this approach would work for me … although the deer around here do seem desensitized to a human presence relatively nearby (such as when I took this picture), they’re not about to listen to any reprimands any time soon!

a deer in my backyard and a detail from The Reprimand by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait

fawn reprimand painting by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait at the Brooklyn Museum

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